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MuleBar protein Almond...

Une barre Refuel protéinée pour vous aider à récupérer après l’effort. Mulebar Refuel Amande Fraise fournit le parfait équilibre entre les protéines (24%) et les glucides. Les protéines des amandes aident à la reconstruction des cellules musculaires.
Cette barre contient 25% de protéines.

Preis 3,50 CHF


Your calves will breathe more in these innovative, extremely light and exceptionally comfortable sleeves. The R2 Oxygen proves, if need be, COMPRESSPORT® mastering of compression techniques!

Preis 55,00 CHF

Free Belt Pro

The FREE BELT PRO comprises two special loops to hold your poles when you aren’t using them, while  two small side ergos can be pulled to open the belt easily. Its wider shape in one compartment provides storage for your accessories. The 3D weave easily adapts to the body's contours to give a bounce-free experience when running, cycling or climbing. It has a bib holder for attaching your race bib.

Preis 49,00 CHF

3D Thermo UL Racing Hoodie

The 3D THERMO ULTRALIGHT RACING HOODIE’s micro-fibres offer thermal protection and guard against the elements. The 3D thermo ultralight fibre is flexible as it allows the hood to follow your natural body contours and head motion. Its lightweight but strong fabric protects your forearms from shocks and vibrations. Not in use, it folds easily into a small compact size, ideal for backpacks and pocket.

Preis 109,00 CHF