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Pro Racing Cap

Casquette blanche ultra-légère, ergonomique et ventilée, avec visière articulée pour un maximum de protection et de confort lorsque le soleil tape

Price 35,00 CHF

Ice Cap

Casquette avec poche à glace intégrée pour une protection solaire optimale et un refroidissement de tous les instants dans des conditions désertiques

Price 35,00 CHF

Trucker Cap

Casquette "trucker" classique blanche avec visière courbée et logo Compressport, pour un look branché avant et après l'entraînement

Price 29,00 CHF

Wool Cap

Made out of natural Merino wool, the Wool Cap keeps the head warm and protects from the rain. Genuine thermo-regulators, the fibres regulate body temperature and keeps bad odours away. Ergonomic, it fits every head.

Price 39,00 CHF

3D Thermo Seamless Beanie

Its natural 3D Thermo Ultralight fabric makes this innovative beanie the ideal protector against the cold while practising outdoor. Perfectly ergonomic, it naturally fits any morphology. Ideal during cycling activities, it can be worn under your bike helmet without discomfort.  

Price 45,00 CHF

Spiderweb Ultralight Visor

The Spiderweb Ultralight Visor is a must-have sports accessory on all your outdoor activities. Its frontal structure is visible throughout the transparent, hydrophobic mesh. It does not retain heat or sweat and protects the eyes from ardent sunrays. Around the head, the light mesh band evacuates transpiration and dries very quickly.

Price 29,00 CHF