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Manchon de compression blanc hautement technologique pour réduire les vibrations musculaires et augmenter les performances quelle que soit votre discipline

Preis 45,00 CHF

Manchon de compression haut de gamme blanc pour une ventilation et un soutien musculaire sans égal lors des courses les plus extrêmes

Preis 59,00 CHF

Chaussette haute blanche avec compression ciblée pour réduire les vibrations musculaires et augmenter les performances à l'entraînement et en course

Preis 49,00 CHF

With the Total Full Legs, COMPRESSPORT® meets a pro-cyclist demand looking for even lighter and more flexible Full Legs that fully cover the legs, compressing where need be so they can recover optimally.

Preis 109,00 CHF

Your calves will breathe more in these innovative, extremely light and exceptionally comfortable sleeves. The R2 Oxygen proves, if need be, COMPRESSPORT® mastering of compression techniques!

Preis 55,00 CHF

The TRAIL RUNNING UNDER CONTROL PIRATE 3/4 uses COMPRESSPORT® compression technology to reduce shocks by as much as 30%, while activating blood circulation throughout the underlying tissues. High-quality fibres provide a massaging and refreshing effect, while the Power-Climb Grip offers climbing support. Integrated ventilation bands behind the knee make it the most breathable apparel.

Preis 145,00 CHF